Emisora Escuela M21 de Madrid

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King Felipe Rides the Madrid Metro

King Felipe has emulated his great-grandfather by taking a ride on the Madrid metro as part of the service's centenary celebrations. Kind Felipe travelled a route...

Restoration Chapuzo

This is a what was left after a Spanish priest asked a local school teacher to restore a priceless 16th-Century statue of St George and...

Madrid Mardi Gras

<p style="text-indent:0px;"/><span class="dropcap dropcap2" style="text-align: right; padding:0px;">L</span>La Alegre Cofriadía del Entierro conferred a silver sardine on the Mayor in her capacity of cofrade de...

Hidden Madrid – Alvaro de Bazán

  Visit the Plaza de la Villa just off the Calle Mayor and you will see a statue of a Spanish noble. But who was...
El Oso y el Madroño

Why Madrid?

Why and how Madrid became the capital of Spain dates back to the reign of King Filipe II, 1556 - 1598. Prior to this Madrid...
Madrileño gato


What’s in a name and where does it come from? Ask a Madrileño if he is a ‘gato’ and you are more than likely to...
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