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Manley addresses British Residents as UK braces for NO DEAL Brexit

An open letter from HMA Simon Manley to British citizens living in Spain As many of you are no doubt aware, this autumn will be...

Madrid Bakes!

The heatwave that hit central Spain earlier this week continues to tighten its grip with much of the region placed on red alert as...

Gran Via remodelling to finish early

Gran Via works and remodelling to finish early.Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena´s promise to have the Gran Via car free by the end of her...

El Ideal

Today there is an increasing lack of bars in the world that have an identity of their own. Today's bars that young adults frequent...

Whats in a flag?

  Whats in a flag? The universe is a complex place. Infinitely complex, some might say. Take ants, for example. Amazingly industrious insects, which have evolved...
Business - Made in Spain

The Spanish Gig Economy

Freelance workers and the Gig economy In a Gig economy, companies make more use of free-lancers and less of full-time employees, which has big...
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