Alya Society Unveils Its New Trophy

The Alya Society presents the Ayla award for excellence.  Awarded to outstanding performers in all professional sectors who have excelled in one of the following categories; Resilience, Reinvention, Social impact, Adaptability or Sustainability.

The spectacular Alya trophy made in Egypt and Spain, very much reflects its name which means highness in the Arabic language, it signifies high status, eliteness and exclusivity.

Thanks to the collaboration from the luxurious design house of ELEMENT&CO led by the Taiwanese-Spanish designer Bryan Yihsiang Ou Yang and the French-Spanish designer Sasha Sanchez, a beautiful and distinguished design was created that is definitely a unique symbol of the Alya Society.

ELEMENT&CO. was founded in 2012 as an interior design studio.  It is a multidisciplinary studio based in Madrid.

The creators of the firm share their fascination for bespoke furniture, textures design and a long experience in the field of luxury, fine jewellery, interior design and architecture.

Bryan is a graduate of Escola Massana Art & Design School in Barcelona and Sasha studied International Business at the Sorbonne Université in Paris and also has a Master’s degree from Elisava Barcelona School of Design, ‘this dynamic team both share a multicultural profile and a creative philosophy that is summarised in a know-how, an attribute that identifies their distinction’.

The trophy’s design incorporates the ancient Egyptian symbol of highness and pridetogether with the Spanish aesthetic designer creativity.  A finely finessed piece of art embodying Horus, the falcon-headed god in Ancient Egyptian History. The name “Horus” means “he who is above” and “he who is distant”. The god is depicted as a falcon wearing a Double Crown of Egypt symbolizing light and royalty.

It has a smoke-black coloured body embellished with a blue lapis gemstone base.  This pyramid shaped base enhances the look of the statue and emphasises its grandeur. With its flamboyant image, the pharaonic symbol of highness stands firm on this intricately-cut geometric palette of blue lapis, a fascinating combination of history and contemporary art. Luxurious simplicity.

This impressive trophy perfectly represents the Alya society, which, in a word, is Excellence.


Abi Lindsay Clark



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