Emisora Escuela M21 de Madrid

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Produced and Presented by Ann Bateson.

Until The Curtain Falls

Book Review: Until The Curtain Falls

Madrid is literally at the heart of David Ebsworth’s latest novel, Until the Curtain Falls – with its Spanish version, Hasta Que Caiga el...
Ana La Santa

Food & Drink – Bar Ana La Santa

Baby it’s cold outside Being an expat in Madrid seems to equate to three things: you’re highly likely to favour drinking a caña over a...
Arts Club

Food & Drink – Arts Club Restaurant

Binge, don’t purge By Catherine Powell I pride myself on revelling in all things indulgent. My mantra is generally something along the lines ‘Money – well...

Mi Kitxen Restaurante Review

By J.R. So you’ve been here in Madrid for a while and can now decipher menus.  Your days of pointing and timidly saying “uno por...
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