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Why Visit El Escorial

Madrid Resident Barry Walker Discovers Why El Escorial Is Worth A Visit Why is it that San Lorenzo de El Escorial is considered the literary...

Hotel Villa Magna keeps its $ crown

The Hotel Villa Magna, located in Madrid’s fashionable Salamanca district, is the most expensive hotel anywhere in the city, according to a survey by...

Hidden Madrid – Alvaro de Bazán

  Visit the Plaza de la Villa just off the Calle Mayor and you will see a statue of a Spanish noble. But who was...
Madrid Visitors Guide

The Magic of Madrid

  Does Madrid work magic on visitors? Without a doubt. Come winter or summer, this city engages its guests in effortlessly believing that what they...
CityMe App

Here Is Cityme

The Madrid Metropolitan decided to give the future of City Break tourism a whirl by testing the exciting launch of the world´s first guided...
Brian Collins

Travelling And The Writer: Europe 1914-1939

I am a traveller and I don’t mean a two-week-a-year holidaymaker. On average, I have moved to a new city or country or...
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