Sanchez Announces Phased Return To “The New Normality”

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez announced his phased plan of deescalate the state of emergency confinement measures which will allow a gradual and controlled return to what he termed as ” the new normaility” by the end of June.  Schools will remain closed until September.

Sanchez outlined 5 stages which include the present stage 0 for the recovery of freedom of movement in accordance with the recovery rate, health system capcity and compliance with the measures in force at any of the stages.

Phase 0

Expected from May 4th. Preparation: citizens will be allowed to leave their homes to exercise and go for walks.  Sports activities will be allowed. Some small retail businesses will be allowed to open by appointment.

Phase 1

Expected from May 10th. Journeys within the same province will be allowed.( for example to second residences and visit friends and  relatives in small groups ( details of how large the groups can be to be confirmed).  Cafes with terrazas will be allowed to open and offer 30% capacity seating for outside tables with social distancing measures in place. Hotels will be able to re-open without common areas /restaurants available.

Cafe street tables to be open.

Phase 2

Date to be confirmed. Bars, restaurants will be open inside with a 30% capacity limit. Cinemas, theatres, exhibition centres to be able to open with same capacity limit including for concerts. Outdoor seated venues to be able to open with a máximum capacity of 400 people. Students will be able to sit university entrance exams

Phase 3

Date to be confirmed. Expected  mid June. Will allow visits to old age peoples homes under strict conditions.  Bars and restaurants will be open to 50% capacity. Decision on beach and public swimming pools opening to be made with capacity limitations.

Phase 4 –  “the new normality” –is expected to arrive by the end of June assuming no virus upsurge which will allow for further reopening including travel between provinces.

Spain has to date registered 232,128 coronavirus cases of which 23,822 have died.


Photo Credits: Igor Oliyarnik


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