Internations In Madrid


InterNations goes back to 1997 when two German students, Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato, met while enrolled on an MBA programme in Switzerland.  Ten years later, they reunited in Germany and discussed how their lives had developed.  Both men had always been interested in meeting other expatriates and agreed that when living in other countries this could often be difficult.  Every time someone arrives in a new city, they have to start again with regards to making new friends and new business contacts.
Zeeck and von Plato decided a platform was needed to make expat life easier, and started InterNations in 2007.  Nine years later, with almost two and half million members in 390 cities, Zeeck, who married a madrileña, travelled to Madrid to support the city celebration.

“Madrid is much more than just another city in which you can communicate with expatiates and go to events,” he says, “it is a city full of expats, enjoying the sun and also the nightlife when the sun goes down.”

Internations was floated on the Zurich Stock Exchange in 2018.

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