After 700 Days Spaniards Can “Show Our Faces And Our Smiles Again”.

After 700 days the obligatory wearing of face masks indoors has finally come to an end today Wednesday 20th April.

A government spokesperson Isabel Rodríguez said that Spaniards can once more “show our faces and our smiles again”.

The previous mandatory use of facemasks outdoors was removed earlier this year.

The new law came into force upon publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE), after having been agreed by the cabinet yesterday.

The Spanish Minister for Health, Carolina Darias, told a press conference after: “Face masks are no longer mandatory, except for certain exceptions.”

The Minister said that the high rates of vaccination against COVID-19 and the epidemiological situation in Spain have allowed this measure to be adopted.

To date, 92% of the population – 39 million people – have been fully vaccinated, which has led to a decline in the infection rate across Spain.

Darias clarified that masks will not be compulsory in school settings.

At large events, such as sporting competitions or concerts, held both indoors and outdoors, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask.

It will no longer be necessary to wear a face mask inside bars, cafés, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, sports stadiums, concerts, shops or shopping centres, gyms or schools.

In workplaces, employers will be able to recommend whether staff should continue wearing face masks, although they cannot be mandatory.

Darias called for “common sense” prevail in those spaces which are poorly ventilated and for “responsible use” for vulnerable groups including the over-60s and pregnant women or people with underlying health issues.

There are exceptions to the relaxation measures including for all public transport, including on trains, coaches, planes, ferries and taxis.

In addition, it remains compulsory to still wear face masks in hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, dental clinics and visitors to residential nursing and care homes.





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