Artist Catherine Fenton – First Exhibition In Madrid

Madrid based artist Catherine Fenton is on a mission.

She grew up in southern Spain, with Canadian parents and then spent many years in London – and is now back, once again, in Spain – this time in Madrid.

These myriad experience have given her a unique take on the world and a desire to harness change. And she does this by using her artwork to draw attention to environmental and human rights issues – with the aim she says, ” to spark curiosity engage the viewer”. 

She treats these big subjects with a refreshing lightness and playfulness. Using collaged maps, recycled materials and acrylic, the paintings have a tactile quality, whilst the embedded materials often tell as story of their own.

From yellow plastic ducks floating along choppy waters through to her use of collage to draw attention to pollution and socio-economic inequities — her work always inspires a powerful response.

A multi-disciplined artist, Catherine has previously worked with Greenpeace and The Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, has exhibited in St Paul’s Cathedral London with Toilet Twinning and Just Water, campaigning for safe sanitation in developing countries.

“I like to think of my paintings as bringing the intimately mundane to life,” says the artist who incorporates important issues into her work.

For Catherine´s first exhibition in Madrid – after more than 20 of exhibiting in London – she has joined forces with Sandra Louw of Agora Africa Shop to create A Higher Ground.

Sandra brings work from small scale collectives from Africa, often made by recycled or found objects and it is their love of the environment and sustainability that brought them together.

Her exhibition ” A Higher Ground” runs from September 26th to October 2nd at the Galeria Sara Caso, Calle de Alcántara 51.
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