BuzzFeed “Kings Of Fake News” Faces Legal Nemesis

The Madrid Metropolitan´s Spain News partner , British journalist and owner of Central European News ( CEN) Michael Leidig has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of the United States in a libel case against the American media company BuzzFeed.

In an exclusive video for the Madrid Metropolitan,  Leidig illustrates how BuzzFeeds business model was based on “click bait” articles to generate traffic and income from paid advertising links which were embedded in the stories and were, in many cases invented.

As BuzzFeed reels from falling revenue and compromised journalistic integrity Leidig is determined to seek justice and expose their journalistic double-standards.

Whilst BuzzFeed were the “kings of bizarre and salacious stories”  they have now been forced to close their UK, Spain, Germany, France and Australia offices and face a 20 million dollar loss for 2020 for their US operation.

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