Díaz Ayuso Announces Start Of Madrid Nuevo Norte Development In 2021

The Regional premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso and the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida Navasqüés announced the much awaited start of work for the Madrid Nuevo Norte ( Madrid New North)  urban development plan.
The urban development project previously known as Operación Chamartín which is one the biggest in Europe has been bogged down in administrative squabbles since it´s inception in the 1990s.
Work is now expected to start in 2021 and finally completed by 2045.
The first phase of the project is the redevelopment of the Charmatin mainline train station and site. According to Diaz Ayuso the project will provide a “locomotive” for the post-Covid Spanish economic recovery providing some 250,000 jobs with the  construction of 10,500 homes of which 20% is designated for social housing in addtion to new green spaces and offices covering over 2.65 million square metres of land.
Despite policial wrangling between left and right leaning administrations the project was given it´s unanimous go head supported by all parties in 2019.
The amended project includes three new skyscrapers of over 300 metres in height making them some of the tallest buildings in Europe as well as an additional metro line consisting of three new stations and a new Cercanías ( overland) station.
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