Easter Procession Guide In Madrid

Easter in Madrid – It may not have the crowds of Sevilla and Malaga but the solemn religious processions are still a plenty in the capital as tributes of the Passion of Jesus Christ are celebrated by Catholic brotherhoods (Cofradía) and fraternities that perform the penance processions on the streets of Madrid.

Easter Procession Guide

14th April (Palm Sunday)

16.30 The procession of “Domingo de Ramos” which leaves The Cathedral of Almudena passing through the Puerta del Sol and up to the church of “Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas”.

19:00 Procession of Students with the Christ of Faith and Forgiveness, which leaves the Pontifical Basillica of San Miguel in the Calle San Justo 4.

17th April (Holy Wednesday)

20:15 Procession of Gypsies departs from the Parish of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and San Luis in Carmen 10.

18th April (Holy Thursday)

19:00 Procession of the Poor leaves the Church of San Pedro located at Calle Nuncio 14.

20:00 Procession of the Macarena begins in the Royal Collegiate of San Isidro, Calle Toledo.

19th April 14

19:00 Procession of the Jesus of Medinaceli leaves the Basilica of Our Father Jesus of Medinaceli in the Plaza de Jesus.

19:00 Procession of the Christ of the Alabarderos begins in Palacio del Oriente  with the Royal Guard of the Compañía de Alabarderos escort.

19:00 Procession of Silence, which starts from the Church of the Most Holy Christ of Faith in Calle Atocha 87.

1930 Procession of the Seven Sorrows, which begins at the Church of Santa Cruz, leaves Calasancio College, on Calle de Atocha 6.

20th April (Holy Saturday)

1600 Procession of the Solitude of the Church of the Calatravas (Alcala 25), Accompanied by the Holy Burial of Móstoles and parade of drums.

20:00 Procession of the Sorrowful, which begins at the Basilica of Our Father Jesus of Medinacel, in the Plaza de Jesus.

21st April (Easter Sunday)

At 12:00 The Tamborrada in the Plaza Mayor, a faithful reflection of the traditions of Spain with a mass drumming signalling the end of Lent.


Your brief Spanish Semana Santa Vocabulary Guide

Cofriadía (Religious guild or fraternity)

Orfebre – the gold &silversmith also plays a vital role who . Good material – gold, silver and other precious stones are used

Nazareno: Penitential robe

Nazarenes: The sinners and those walking paying their pennance

Capirote: Pointed hood to be worn to conceal the face

Capataz is the person in charge of the processions.

Cuaresma (Lent) 40 long days leading up to Semana Santa

Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday)

Tamborrada – the  loud beating of the drums welcoming Easter – a time to rejoice following the long period of Lent.

Capataz is in charge of the floats.Normally there are two floats – one of Christ and the other of His mother.

Pasos (floats) well-crafted, carved in wood and elaborately decorated with different scenes from the gospels related to the Passion of Christ or Sorrows of Virgin Mary.

Costaleros (stevedores) are at the helm at every procession. Sturdy and well-disciplined carriers of the Pasos Virgins and Christ figures & floats.

Photo: ©PromoMadrid, author Max Alexander

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