Enrique Iglesias Brother Lets Slip Anna Kournikova “Secret” Marriage

Enrique Iglesias’s older brother has let slip on live TV that the singer and former tennis ace Anna Kournikova secretly got married.

Madrid born Julio Iglesias Jr, also a singer, made the slip-up during his recent appearance on Spanish TV show “Y ahora Sonsoles”.

The 50-year-old appeared on the programme ahead of his half-sister Tamara Falco’s pre-wedding to Spanish businessman Inigo Onieva.

Julio told journalist Sonsoles Onega: “She is very happy that her day is tomorrow.”

After adding that the whole family was gathered at the house of his mother, Spanish-Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler, he corrected himself, stressing that his younger brother, Enrique, was not, in fact, there.

Photo shows Anna Kournikova, undated. The Russian tennis player and Enrique Iglesias allegedly got secretly married after 20 years of relationship. (@annakournikova/Newsflash)

Julio joked “I always lie” before explaining: “My brother isn’t coming because he doesn’t like weddings. He wasn’t even at my wedding.”

He added: “My mother has seen me get married, my sister Chabeli get married, she has seen Ana get married.”

But, when Sonsoles then asked him if his 48-year-old brother had tied the knot, Julio slipped up, replying: “Enrique didn’t have a big wedding.”

After an advert break, the presenter grilled Julio, asking him: “Did Enrique get married in a small ceremony?”

The singer chuckled nervously and replied: “Enrique has been with Anna for 35 years, and they have three wonderful children.”

Sonsonles then reiterated: “Your mother has all her children married, at least once.”

The “Hero” singer and 1997 Wimbledon semi-finalist Kournikova met during the filming of the music video for Enrique’s hit song “Escape” in 2001.

The Madrid-born artist was 26 at the time, while the Moscow-born athlete was 20.

The former WTA World No. 8 once told the press in 2018 that she and Enrique would never get married.

The couple have three children – twins Nicholas and Lucy, who were born in 2017, and daughter Mary, born in 2019.

They are known for keeping their family life private.



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