ESL Writing Skills: Ways to Teach and Improve Them

Learning English as a second language in European countries, especially in Spain, is popular these days because English is one of the most widely used means of communication in the world. Nevertheless, despite the amount of information on the web to help learners master their skills, a lot of people may still struggle with their learning path.

How to help students increase their skill set and scale up as non-native English speakers? In this expert guide, professional essay writers from will give handy tips to make the teaching process easier and more effective. Let’s start and see how to improve the expertise of students. 

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Improve ESL Writing Skills 

When people start learning a foreign language, there’s usually a wall. They meet the obstacles that they can’t cope with and stop working on their proficiency. This is the time when supportive professional help is needed. Why is it important to assist students with their learning journey? There are 3 obvious reasons to think about. 

  • It improves academic performance. With well-developed English, foreign students will achieve better results in studying. Working on academic tasks with a poor level of the language doesn’t result in the best grades. Hence, it’s important to improve different aspects of the language to see a better shift in academic performance. 
  • It helps with easier communication. This is another benefit for ESL students. The more structures and word combinations they know, the easier the communication process appears. It’s not a big deal to get new friends and find common ground with colleagues. 
  • It makes job search easier. By learning the language at the relevant level, students won’t find it hard to apply for a job and get a satisfactory response. If there’s little motivation for students, it’s worth mentioning the perks of finding a well-paid job with a better level of English. 

Do you need to work on your English level? It’s mandatory to get high grades, meet new people and find a well-paid job as an ESL student. 

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Top 5 Skills to Help Build ESL Writing Skill Set and See the Results Fast 

How do I teach the learners a new language and improve their skills in writing? Speaking is easier when you are at the beginning of your learning journey. There’s no need to pay attention to the spelling corrections or pronunciation. But when students write, certain issues arise. It might be challenging to start off with a new language, but with a consistent approach, any student will grasp the task and finish with a proper level of writing. 

Help Building the Sentences 

The main attention should be paid to the form, not the content. When the learners have some understanding of the language, they need a better practical basis. Content and ideas come second. The core task is to teach them how to build sentences and forms to use to pose questions or state their ideas. 

This is the basis of language learning practice. With a clear idea of the structure of the sentences, every student will be able to add new words to this carcass. The more practice in writing and sentence creation students get, the more automated this process gets. 

Help Creating the Topics 

In many cases, ESL students don’t have a big issue with language proficiency. But they find it challenging to create topics for their writing tasks. How to make up a new idea for writing in a foreign language? The more the teacher trains their students to make up the topics for the tasks, the easier this process gets. The successful header for the writing is a good beginning for every ESL learner. 

Work With the Already Obtained Knowledge 

When a teacher starts working with the new students, it’s important to figure out what they already learned. In many cases, students know more than they think. And it’s the task of the teacher to find out what level of expertise the learners have. If students can’t identify how experienced they are in the language, there has to be certain testing to check their knowledge and skills. 

Work on the Language Flow in Paragraphs 

How to achieve a native-speaker-like impression? This is a tip for professional ESL writers who have a high level of language expertise. If you want to sound more natural to the native speaker, there should be a relevant flow of your messages in the texts. How to achieve this impression? Students should learn various ways to transit between the ideas. 

Transition words, word combinations, and sentences are the major ways to make the text sound clearer. Students may know little about the topic and deal with a short vocabulary, but transitive words can save the situation. 

Look For Widely Used Writing Structures 

The best way to make the writing process for ESL students easier and smoother is by learning common language structures. These could be verb combinations, idioms, and many other common structures for communication in writing. 

Final Words 

It’s not easy to learn English as a second language in Madrid and sound like a native speaker. But there are different teaching methods that help master the skills even for beginner learners. By making it a smooth and consistent process, teachers can help learners achieve the desired level of proficiency. 

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