Sanchez Announces Further Relaxation Of Confinement

The relaxation of lockdown measures that have begun with the allowing out of children from today maybe further continued with the possibility that citizens will be also allowed to leave their homes to exercise and to go for walks from May 2nd.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez who leads the minority coalition government made the announcement at a news conference from his official residence at Moncloa. He qualified the statement by adding that this could only happen should the coronavirus contagion trend continue on it´s downward path.

Pedro Sanchez at Moncloa news conference Saturday 25th April

“If the evolution of the pandemic keeps moving in a positive manner, starting on May 2 outings will be allowed for individual activity and for walks with the people that we live with” said Sanchez who added “If we act with prudence, this first relief measure will be followed by another one a week later.”

Sánchez said that that further easing of the  confinement measures will take place throughout May, “and we will see what happens in the month of June.” I would like to convey to you the importance of being cautious. This is not a race to see who is the first to reopen a shopping mall or a small business establishment.”

Spain has been one of the hardest hit by the global pandemic recording to date some 223,759 cases recorded to date of which 22,902 have been fatalities.

An estimated 20% of deaths have been among health workers due to what is considered a jumbled and poor response from the coalition government. At the same time that Sanchez was speaking millions of Spaniards took to air their protest at this with a mass ” cacerolada” at 7pm whilst at 8pm instead of the usual  “clappalong” applause, this was replaced by a two minute silence.

Sanchez is set to propose the de-escalation measures for Cabinet approval on Tuesday.


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