Giant Hot Air Balloon’s Emergency Landing In City Street

This is the moment a huge hot air balloon taking part in a race caused chaos with an emergency landing in the middle of a busy street in Valladolid, Spain.

A technical problem reportedly forced the balloon to land in the middle of the road.

A second balloon also ran into trouble and had to land in a schoolyard.

Both had been taking part in the XIX Open de Valladolid de Aerostacion Trofeo Diego Criado del Rey balloon race in which 15 teams took part.

The emergency landings took place in north-western Spain, on Saturday night, 10th September.

The Spanish authorities reportedly stopped traffic in the area to allow the first balloon to land.

Shortly after the first balloon landed, there were reports of a second balloon that had technical difficulties that had landed at the Corazon de Jesus y Nuestra Señora del Pilar school, also in Valladolid.

No injuries were reported.


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