Guide To Applying For Government´s “Cheque De 200 Euros”

The Spanish tax agency, Agencia Tributaria has now opened the online applictation web page for the 200 EUR grant which the government has made available for households on lower incomes.

The grant along with other economic measures were announced by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez last year, to help cushion the effects of the economic fallout over Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At present the online form only allows for consulation with applications processed between 15 February and 31 March 2023.

The grant is in the form of a one-off payment for any household earning less than 27,000 EUR and whose net assets are less than 75,000 EUR ( excluding the value of the home).

It is estimated that some 4.2 million households in Spain are elgible for the grant, which is expected to  cost the government around 540 million Euros.

Below we have publishe a short guide if in doubt over your eligibility.

Who can collect the help of 200 euros?

Anyone who is working , self-employed and unemployed with a low income who do not receive the Minimum Vital Income or a Social Security pension.

What are legal requirements ?

The beneficiaries must have legal and effective residence in Spain on the date of entry into force of the royal decree,  27th June 2022, and have maintained it continuously and uninterruptedly for at least one year previously.

What economic criteria must be met?

To receive this grant, the beneficiaries must reside in households in which the sum of the income received by the cohabitants is less than 27,000 euros in 2021 and whose assets, discounting the habitual residence, doesnot exceed 75,0000 Euros.

How is the income level calculated?

The computation of income and assets is joint, considering all the people who live at the same address as of January 1, 2022 “and are linked to each other by marriage or similar relationship of at least two years, or by kinship, up to the third degree, including related persons, as well as other people with whom they live for purposes of adoption or permanent family fostering”.

Where is the application submitted?

The application for this aid of 200 euros must be submitted online  at the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency by means of an electronic form in which the bank account must appear to receive the transfer.

How do I know if I have will receive the grant?

There is no requirement to notify you but if no funds received within a three month period,  it is understood that the application has been rejected – though this can be appealed.

How many beneficiaries will there be?

The aid will consist of a single payment that will benefit over 2.7 million people in 4.2 million households.

Why does it not include those who collect the IMV or a pension?

The minimum income level has already been increased by 15% and the public pension increase announced in 2022 was more than the 200 Euro grant to be in line with the spike in inflation.

How much will the measure cost?

The Government plans to allocate 540 million Euros to this aid.


Photo Credit: Ibrahim Boran

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