How to say “Financial Advisor” in Spanish

If you’re looking for a talented financial advisor in Spain, Peter Dougherty is the clear choice.

Peter is American. But he also speaks Spanish.

He’s a financial expert. But Mr. Dougherty doesn’t talk like one; he’d rather discuss your goals, wishes and dreams than financial terms.

Peter is the author of two helpful books. But he doesn’t consider himself a writer. Instead, he saw the importance of providing well-explained information about Spanish tax and financial rules. So, Mr. Dougherty wrote a book in English and wrote another book nine months later in Spanish.

Mr. Dougherty has a wealth of financial knowledge he’s gained as a financial planner at Spain’s BISSAN Wealth Management, and during his career working at Wall Street investment banks First Boston, Lehman Brothers, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. But he tries to learn something new every day.


He also has a drawer full of finance credentials: Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® in the U.S., European Financial Planner (EFP) from the European Financial Planning Association of Spain, certified specialist in Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA), and North American Investment Adviser Representative. But Peter prefers putting those credentials to use helping clients with their financial plans instead of hanging them on a wall.

Personally, Mr. Dougherty has an abundance of experience and credentials. But he chooses to work as part of BISSAN Wealth Management’s talented team. By doing so, his clients benefit from the local expertise and knowledge of Peter’s Spanish coworkers. BISSAN has been Spain’s leading financial planning firm for families and individuals since its founding in 2010. BISSAN is authorized and supervised by Spain’s National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and has offices in Barcelona and Bilbao.

So, next time you look up “financial advisor” in the Spanish dictionary, don’t be surprised if Peter Dougherty’s picture is there to greet you.

Peter Dougherty holds a Certificate in financial planning from Northwestern University in Chicago, a BS in economics from Arizona State University and an MBA from Columbia University Business School in New York. He works as a financial planner at BISSAN Wealth Management in Spain.

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