Judge Declares TV Presenter´s Husband Murdered Not Suicide

A camerman found hanged a year after he married a well-known Spanish TV host was murdered and did not commit suicide, a judge in Italy has declared.

Italian-born Mario Biondo married Raquel Sanchez Silva, a Spanish presenter and journalist, at a lavish ceremony in Sicily in 2012.

But the 36-year-old was found dead a year later at the couple’s Madrid home hanging from a noose.

Mario Biondo with Raquel Sanchez Silva in the day of their wedding. His death has been declared as murder case by Italian justice. (Newsflash)

Early reports from Spanish investigators claimed that Bondo had taken his life by accident while later autopsies put his death down to suicide.

But his family has fought for nearly a decade to get the case reopened, either in Spain or in his native Italy.

Now Palermo judge Nicola Aiello, has declared that the evidence indicates that a killer may have faked the suicide.

The judge stated: “All the elements extracted from the Public Ministry file suggest that Mario Biondo was murdered by an unknown perpetrator and placed in a position that made it look like suicide.”

Mario Biondo in an undated photo. The case about his death has been closed and a judge has determined he was murdered. (@mario.biondo/Newsflash)

Aiello goes on to describe contradictions in his widow’s statements about his death.

But the judge belives the case will not be reopened officially because too much time has passed since the cameraman’s death.

The judge explained: “It is not considered that there are elements to prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, the murder thesis in a hypothetical trial and therefore the request for dismissal is accepted and the documents will be returned to the prosecutor.”


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