Judge Refuses Bride & Groom “Jack Sparrow” Wedding

A judge refused to marry a Spanish couple because the groom turned up at the registry office dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, while the bride was wearing a traditional Galician dress rather than a white wedding dress.

Juan Alberto and Maria Salinas had arranged a third attempt at getting married after COVID-19 foiled their first two plans. They were set to get married at a registry office in Vigo, on April 24.

The couple planned to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting married in costumes. They hoped the nontraditional wedding would entertain their children, while giving guests the chance to donate money to charities they chose.

But in a Facebook post, Alberto explained the unidentified judge took one look at the couple and said the wedding would not take place unless they dressed “properly.”

“The judge had made his decision before even talking to us,” Juan said.

The couple claims to have prepared all the necessary paperwork for the wedding.

Alberto explained he often wears pirate costumes when working with refugee children at the Greek Idomeni refugee camp, where he volunteered in the past. Many of the children call him “Pirate” instead of Juan.

However, the couple says the court allowed couples dressed in costumes to marry in the past. As a result, they have filed a complaint. (It was not immediately known where that action was taken.)

In addition, several other regional registries have  offered to marry them however, the couple have said they  want their wedding to take place in Vigo.


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