Latino Superstar Luis Miguel In Child Kissing Furore

Luis Miguel, one of the biggest stars in Spanish music is in hot water over a controversial kiss on the lips from a fan’s young daughter during a concert.

The Grammy award winning Mexican crooner Luis Miguel, who is due in Madrid for two concerts next year, spotted the girl, who looks no older than three, being held aloft by her parents in the front rows of the sell-out show in Mexico City.

As the 53-year-old smiling singer moved towards her he pointed to his cheek demanding a kiss.

But as he closed in, he bizarrely kissed her on the lips in front of the 22,000-strong crowd at the CDMX Arena on 20th November.

For a moment the cheering crowd fell silent as they apparently took in what was happening on the stadium’s giant video screens.

Then a burly minder pulled back six-times Grammy winner Miguel by his shirt as the footage ends.

The clip, uploaded on several social media platforms, has generated more than 1.27 million views.

Many watchers shamed the singer for deliberately asking a child for a kiss.

One reportedly asked the girl’s parents: “If he were a homeless man, would your daughter still think she was lucky?”

Another is quoted as saying: “They forgive him only because he is famous. Not with children!”

But fans defended the star.

One ‘Karla Pastor Chavez’ said: “What I’d give to being able to say that my first kiss was with Luis Miguel.”

And ‘Alejandra Caro’ commented: “Girl, I envy you.”

Then ‘BarbaraGarciaguti’ added: “That girl already has a dream come true: kissing a great, handsome and fine singer.”

Luis Miguel, nicknamed El Sol de Mexico (The Sun of Mexico), is one of the commercially most successful Latin artists in the world.

Born in Puerto Rico, the entertainer has released 21 studio albums.

He is due to begin his Spanish tour in the summer of 2024 with two shows at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid in June.


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