Madrid Court Extradites Notorious Irish Mobster

The central court in Madrid has agreed a request from the Irish authorities for the extradition of notorious gangster,Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, to stand trial in Dublin for murder.

He is expected to be handed over to senior gardaí officers at Torrejon airbase and flown to Ireland on a military aircraft in the coming days.

The 58 year old criminal mastermind was arrested in Fuengirola last month under a European Arrest Warrant, for the attack at a Dublin airport hotel,in September 2016, in which David Byrne was murdered.

The attack is believed to have been in revenge for his nephew, Gary Hutch’s murder in Spain, who had been slain by rival crime boss, Daniel Kinahan.

So far 18 people are known to have been killed in the bitter gang feud.

The judges also ruled that if convicted, Hutch as a Spanish resident, would be allowed to serve his sentence in Spain.

Hutch has denied any involvement and claims he made his money from legitimate business activities.

One of which was a taxi business called CAB – Carry Any Body.

He was nicknamed “The Monk” by journalist, Veronica Guerin, who was assassinated 25 years ago, in Dublin.

Her supposed murderer, John Gilligan, was arrested in Spain earlier this year on drug traficking charges.


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