Madrid Eyes Phase 2 Catch Up With Rest Of Spain De-Escalation

The Madrid regional government is seeking to apply to move to the phase 2 of the de-escalation plan that was announced by the Spanish Health Minster Salvador IIIa and Covid Task Force Co-Ordinator Fernando Simón on Thursday.

Presently all of Spain is in phase 1 and most of the country ( around 70% of the population) will be in phase 2 from Monday 1st June.

Madrid is expected to follow suit a week later following central government guidelines that provinces and communidades need to be in each controlled phase for a mimum of 2 weeks.

This week has been the first week of phase 1 in Madrid and the population has been enjoying their first taste of limited freedom of movememt and assembly. Pavement cafes and restaurant terrazas have been doing a brisk trade with pre-reservation required in many establishments.

To date Spain has registered 284,986 Covid-19 cases of which 27,119 have died and 196,958 recovered.

Only 1 fatality has been reported in the last 24 hours in Spain.

The map shows the bright yellow provinces going to phase 2 and darker remaining in phase 1.

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