Madrid Facing Immediate Virus Lockdown

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is leading the emergency meeting today in an efffort to limit the contagion of coronavirus presently speading at an alarming rate throughout the Spanish peninsula.

Amongst the measures being considered is to limit to the bear minimum any citizen movement in the country and to prohibit any longer journeys to other parts of Spain.

Already Madrid has seen parks and shops being added to the earlier closure of bars, restaurants and schools. The Archbishop of Madrid has announced the suspension of the Easter processions and  traditional Semana Santa acts.

As of Saturday 15th March the number of officially registered patients with the coronova virus is 5,700 affected with 191 deaths due to Covid-19. Madrid has over 3000 cases and 133 deaths.

If implemeted, the state of emergency will mean that citizens will only be allowed to leave their homes to buy food and essential journeys including to pharmarcies, work and care of family members.
A further announcement is expected and publication of the offical bulletin is to come into force at 0800 on 16th March 2020 until further notice.
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