Madrid Mulls Further Restrictions And “Urgently” Seeks Army Help

The Madrid regional government is looking to introduce further restrictions and measures to combat the worsening covid spread in the region.

The government has already implemented local lockdown controls on 37 of the regions 286 “basic health areas” after breaching the government’s guidelines for lockdown once the 1,000 cases per 100,0000 inhabitants ceiling has been breached.

The areas are overwhelmingly in the poorer districts of the capital and affect over 850,000 residents or 17% of the population.

The government has announced that are a further 16 areas are now over the 1,000 cases limit with a regional average of 746.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The measures introduced in the 37 areas such as reducing capacity in shops, bars and restaurants to a maximum of 50% as well as the introduction of a 10pm closing time for all stores and hostelry could be implemented across the region.

Presently bar and restaurant capacity it at 75% with a closing time of 01.00.

Residents in the affected areas are restricted to them save for essential travel outside such as going to school or work, or to care for dependents.

Today Ignacio Aguado, the regional vice president called for additional “urgent logistical support of the military to set up tents, carry out tests and disinfections in each of the areas subject to restrictions,” referring the the 37 basic health areas presently affected.

Meanwhile the region’s health deputy Antonio Zapatero warned that “more specific measures may be proposed for basic health areas that the Madrid region may take, such as reducing the capacity of restaurants and bars”.

To date Spain has recorded 684,000 Covid 19 cases and 30,904 deaths.

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