Madrid Police Arrest Three For Electronic Roulette Table Rigging

The National Police have arrested three people for defrauding more than €60,000 from at least 19 bingo and gambling halls who had rigged the electronic roulette tables.

The police press statement seen by the Madrid Metropolitan details a sophisticated operation by the fraudsters who were operating through the Madrid region.

The investigation was instrigated after a manager of a bingo hall went to the police to report an unusual financial loss at his electronic roulette tables as well as suspicious coincidences of similar losses being made in other establishments that were operated by his company.

In all the establishments the losses were only at the electronic roulette tables and no other games.

The police investigation established and identified specific individuals who had been present at these gambling halls on the times and dates of the reported incidents.
Officers were also able to establish the modus operandi of the gang which consisted of skillfully manipulating the table´s alarm and balance system which them to move the dome of the roulette wheel so that the ball fell on their chosen number whilst simultaneously distracting the hall manager.
The three suspects were identified as being Moroccan nationals who continually crossed back and forth between the two countries staying for short periods of time at addresses in the capital – making it difficult for the authorities to follow their movements.
Police were finally able to arrest the three men as they left a bingo hall.
The investigation remains ongoing and police expect to make further arrests.


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