MOST WANTED: Alcàsser Murder Suspect Antonio Anglés Added In Closure Bid

Nearly 30 years after the murders of Miriam García Iborra, Antonia “Toñi” Gómez Rodríguez and Desirée Hernández Folch, Europe´s top policing agency Europol, has added the chief suspect, Antonio Anclés, to its most wanted list.

The new list aims to ensure that Europe´s most wanted criminals ” do not escape their past”.

Europol’s Deputy Executive Director Operations, Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, said: “At the heart of this campaign is justice for the victims,”and “apprehend a long-term criminal and bring them to justice.”

The three teenagers, known as the Alcàsser Girls ( from their native town of Alcàsser), were kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered after hitchhiking on their way to a nearby nightclub on November 13, 1992.

The savagery of the attack caused shock waves throughout Spain and produced a media frenzy at the time that dominated Spanish airwaves at the time.

A 2019 Netflix documentary reignited interest in the case and it became a global story.

The authorities arrested and charged Miguel Ricart, but Anglés avoided capture, despite a massive police operation in the area.

His last known sighting in Spain was in Cuenca, and it is believed he made it to Madrid, where he may have taken a train to Lisbon, which was where he was last seen.

From there, the trail runs cold with two theories as to his then movements – one that he returned to Brasil ( where he was born and held Brasilian as well as Spanish nationality) or that he boarded a ferry to Dublin, though there is no evidence of him disembarking.

In February 2021, the Court of Valencia reactivated the search for Anglés, ordering the ship’s captain ( City Of Plymouth) and a worker from a Lisbon transport company (with whom he is supposed to have had a telephone conversation) to be interviewed again.

According to Spanish broadcaster La Sexta, Anglés was found aboard the City Of Plymouth as a stowaway and is believed to have jumped overboard, though there is no mention of any Dublin police report of the incident.

Their disappearance provoked an intensive police search but it took 75 days for their bodies to be discovered on January 27, 1993.
According to his Most Wanted profile, Anglés, now 55 years old, also known as “Asuquiqui” – ”Sugar” is wanted for kidnapping, illegal restraint,hostage-taking, murder, grievous bodily injury and rape.






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