Nail Biting Drive Through Wildfire Inferno Goes Viral

This is the nail-biting moment a brave Spanish emergency services soldier drives a coach through a wall of flames in the middle of a wildfire inferno while her colleagues encourage her.

The footage, which has reportedly gone viral on social media in Spain, shows the terrifying drive and how the driver barely turned a hair as she steered the vehicle through flames and smoke.

At one point, the smoke was so thick the road could not be seen as the coach drove on a road near the municipality of Bejis, in Castellon province, in the eastern Spanish Valencian Community, during the third week of August.

Footage of the journey – transporting fire-fighting soldiers around a forest fire – has become a huge online hit.

The footage shows the bus following an emergency services vehicle.

Both stop as they are confronted with a wall of smoke.

First, the emergency services vehicle heads into the smoke and instantly vanishes from sight.

Then, after a short pause, the soldier drives her bus into the smoke after it.

There is zero visibility but the smoke soon turns orange as the bus approaches a wall of flames that licks it as it turns right onto another road.

Other flames can also be seen lapping the side of the bus and at one point even shooting out in front of it as it passes.

The Bejis blaze is now said to be under control despite still burning and still moving, according to local media.

More than 2,200 people have been evacuated from the area.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said that the area will be classed as a disaster zone, which will unlock financial support to deal with the aftermath of the devastation.

Spain has had nearly 400 wildfires so far this year as record heatwaves hit Europe.


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