Plaza De Cibeles “Playa” Proposal Kicks Off Day Of Innocents

The announcement that the Madrid mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeda, is planning to convert the Plaza de Cibeles into an open air beach area is leading the Madrid news stories for the annual celebration known as el Día de los Santos Inocentes (Day of the Innocent Saints) or to English speakers – April Fool´s Day.

The “Day of the Innocents” takes place every year in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries on December 28th.

On this day, it’s common for Spanish media outlets to publish fake news stories to designed to wind readers up should they be gullible enough to believe them of course!

The article, which first appeared in the Gacetin Madrid has gained widespread traction – and even support.

However Almeda had better watch out – the Madridiario reports that the regional premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso is planning on holding a talent contest to replace him!

Other trending stories published today include the ongoing raucous surrounding the king´s nephew, Froilán, who was involved in a fight at a Madrid nightclub recently and who has it seems been removed from the list of royal succession as a result!

Not to be left out, Spain´s Civil Guard have unveiled their latest traffic infraction buster – and with an acceleration of 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 350 km – you had better be behaved on the road!

Many local regions have their own traditions to mark the day.

In the Catalan town of Tremp, a giant paper doll called a llufa is hung from the bell tower. After a festive parade through the town’s streets, the doll is cut down and burned.

In Jalance, in the province of Valencia, the day is known as the festival of los locos (“the crazies”), and an individual elected by the residents as the “mayor of the lunatics” governs the town for 24 hours – to no apparent disadvantage to the populace.

In the town of Ibi, near Alicante, locals stage a “flour battle,” in which local dignitaries do battle against each other, whilst in Fraga they indulge in an epic egg throwing battle.

A sticky business indeed.

So today of all days – take a pinch of salt to everything you read in Spain – it could actually be – real “fake news.”

¡¡Feliz día de los Santos Inocentes!!



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