Police Raid 227 Illegal Parties Over Weekend

Madrid police have had another busy weekend breaking up 227 illegal parties throughout the capital.

This is the moment municipal police break up one of them taking place during COVID-19 curfew hours and find revellers hiding under beds and in cupboards.

In the video footage, officers are seen discovering revellers hiding under beds and telling them “please leave now”.

This weekend, the police said they broke up 227 illegal parties for breaching curfew and safety measures.

Local journalist Fernando Valls said: “I have no words. One year into the pandemic and we are still witnessing images such as this.”

Meanwhile, many netizens expressed shock at how little respect the partygoers had for those killed and hospitalised by COVID-19.

Illegal parties have been a thorn in the side of the Spanish authorities since the beginning of the pandemic with over 4,000 broken up in less than a year.

Madrid mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida said residents” must not put other people in danger” just because they want to have a drink and a dance.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, also expressed her concern for illegal parties during the pandemic, saying: “We condemn these encounters, which are to blame for 80 percent of COVID-19 infections”.

Ayuso assured the police that they would receive full support in their ongoing efforts to break up the parties.

According to the John Hopkins University, Spain has registered 3,133,122 COVID-19 cases and 67,101 related deaths.


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