Real Madrid Head Spanish Teams In Most Valuable League

Real Madrid head the Spanish contingent in the latest Deloitte Most Valuable Football Clubs List, published today, 19th January.

Real Madrid who won a record 14th Champions League last season have been valued at €714 million, just behind Manchester City´s €731 million valuation.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the only two Spanish team in the Top 20, which is dominated by the English Premier League teams who have 16 teams of the top 20 most valuable in the list.

Barcelona are currently ranked 7th at €638 million and Athletico 12th at just under €394 million.

The 28th annual list reflects the dominance of English clubs which have bounced back from the crippling effects of the pandemic.

“The question now is whether other leagues can close the gap, likely by driving the value of future international rights, or if the Premier League will be virtually untouchable, in revenue terms,” said Tim Bridge, lead partner in Deloitte’s Sports Business Group.

However, Javier Tebas, chairman of LaLiga in Spain, said that the English dominance is distortion “ because they are financed by their owners and are allowed to sign players even when they have losses”.

He went on to say that although the Spanish Liga is running years behind the Premier League, “in terms of structure and stadiums I’d say we could catch up in four to six years.”

Tebas is attempting to close the gap, in part via a €2 billion deal struck in 2021 with private equity firm CVC Capital Partners to refurbished Liga stadiums.

Real Madrid´s Bernabeu Stadium is due to complete its refurbishment later in the year.

The other Spanish clubs lower down the list are Sevilla  valued at €186 million and Villareal FC close behind on €178 million.


Front Page Photo Credit: Carabo

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