Shocking Video Footage Of Mob Ambush On Police Released

This is the official footage of the video released by the Madrid police of the shocking moment when a mob of rioters protesting the arrest of Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel attacked an isolated group of riot police near the Puerta del Sol.

The footage was recently released by the Spanish National Police showing the brutal attack by street rioters in one of the most central areas of the capital Madrid on 17th February.

The video shows a small group of riot police staying in a tight formation as countless rioters are seen rushing in from the surrounding streets before they quickly surround the agents.

The footage shows the rioters throw projectiles from the public streets such as portable guardrails, signs, rubbish bins and other items before they are eventually pushed back and are seen running away as the video ends.

The riots occurred after the controversial arrest of Spanish rapper Pablo Rivadulla Duro, 32, who is artistically known as ‘Pablo Hasel’.

The 32-year-old was convicted in March 2018 for insulting comments against King Juan Carlos I by comparing him to a mob boss and praising terrorism.

Hasel was given the chance to voluntarily enter prison earlier this year but refused and barricaded himself in the University of Lleida culminating in his eventual detention on 16th February.

Several violent protests broke out following the controversial arrest in the major cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia where locals expressed their outrage over the decision as they believe it was an attack on free speech.

Two people, who have not been named, were arrested for the assault on the agents in the Spanish capital, with one of them reported to be a minor who was placed under the care of the appropriate authorities.

A second video shows one of the detained suspects being escorted into custody by agents on Thursday 25th February. The penalties they face are unclear.

Local media said the police have not ruled out further arrests from the incident as violent clashes continue to occur in the Iberian country with reportedly almost daily protests happening in the Catalan capital of Barcelona.


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