SHOWS – Face 2 Face Theatre Company Presents: The Phantom Of The Pop Era

(A Talent Show, with a Twist!)

‘Got Talent‘ step aside! Face 2 Face is back in town and ready to bust a groove! There will be music, masked figures and mayhem galore in the fast paced, family show for all ages!

Boogie on down with this brand new show, inspired by the classic novel by Gaston Leroux’s ‘Phantom of the Opera!’
Face 2 Face work their comedy magic on one of literature’s most famous stories of love and tragedy, taking you to a whole new comic dimension, on the TV set of a 1970’s talent show!

A mysterious phantom that haunts the TV set of a 1970’s Talent Show is infatuated by the shy and pretty stage hand Christine. She is inexplicably drawn to this “Angel of Music” who helps her find the confidence to follow her dream of becoming a singer. She sings on the show with great success, much to the disgust of her main rival; the dramatic diva, Carlotta. The dashing TV Host Raul is quick to give her a place in the final and a romance blossoms, until the jealous Phantom kidnaps the un-assuming Christine. He will do anything to win Her heart; even if it means sabotaging filming, torturing his rival or orchestrating any number of embarrassing situations that he can come up with to win his love’s affection!

Dust off those dancing shoes and get ready to boogy on down to this hilarious, brand new Face 2 Face show, full of Divas, dancing and disco!
The show opens on the 18th of February, every Saturday at 16.30h, until the 8th of April 2017.

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