Spain Minimum Wage Set To Increase To €14,000 A Year

Despite considerable opposition from employers and business associations, the left-wing coalition government of Pedro Sanchez, have succeeded in raising the country’s minimum wage to €1,000 gross over 14 monthly payments, back-dated to 1st January 2022.

The Spanish Employment Minister, Yolanda Díaz announced this week that the cabinet will be approving the increase this month.

The latest increase comes just 6 months after the government had increased the rate from €950 to €965, a bill which was also spearheaded by Díaz and which business associations had also opposed.

Diaz told a news conference that the “ government fulfils its promises,”saying that “despite everything that’s been said, raising the minimum wage has been very positive for our country and our economy.”

The government aims to reach a minimum wage which represents 60% of the average salary in Spain by the end of next year.

The Spanish Business Federation said it had more to do with “political aspirations than financial common sense”.

Some 1.8 million workers will benefit from the increase.

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