Spanish Big Brother Contestant Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Fellow Participant

A former contestant on the Spanish edition of Big Brother has been sentenced to 15 months in jail over the sexual assault of a fellow participant on the show.
José María López was convicted of assaulting Carlota Prado in November 2017 after a party on the reality show, an act which saw him kicked out of the house.
The judge at the 18th Criminal Court of Madrid said that Lopez was “driven by a lustful impulse” and knew the victim was “in a drunken stupor”, before taking her trousers off while the pair shared a bed, and making “sexual movements” under the duvet.
Carlota Prado. (Newsflash)
Show managers intervened and the footage was never aired, with López  kicked out of the house.
According to the court summary, Carlota Prado, became intoxicated at a house party and passed out in her bed, where she was quickly joined by López.
He took off his pants and began to male sexual movements under the duvet, despite the victim weakly muttering “I can’t.”
The sentencing document explained that, “despite the fact that the defendant asked her on several occasions to open her eyes, Carlota remained immobile, and when he asked how she was, she only managed to reply that he should get out, at which point she turned over and fell into unconsciousness.”
The footage was shown to Prado the following morning by the show´s production managers.
López and the victim were in a relationship in the house prior to the attack.

The judge also imposed a four-year restraining order on López, during which time he is not allowed to contact the victim. He was ordered to pay her €6,000 in compensation.

The Spanish production company that made the show, Zeppelin Televisión SA must also pay compensation for “moral damage” caused by not providing enough support to the victim.




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