Storm Filomena – Abandoned Food Lorry Looted On M30

The heaviest snowfall the capital has seen in 50 years also brought some unsavoury scenes last weekend.

Footage has emerged of residents looting an abandoned articulated lorry full of food products after it got stuck in the snow on the M30 radial motorway during Storm Filomena.

A group of residents in the district of Moratalaz in the west of Madrid,  looted the contents of the refrigerator lorry which was full of fresh food products on the night of 9th January.

Footage of the mass looting shows around 50 residents streaming from the El Ruedo residential complex to the M30 below, to snatch boxes and food packages from the back of the lorry before fleeing the snow-covered scene on foot.

The looters took advantage of the fact the lorry driver had abandoned the vehicle and went to his nearby home.

The driver reportedly called for assistance after his vehicle became stuck, but was denied help due to the weather conditions at the time.

The looters then forced open the rear door of the refrigerated trailer and emptied its contents, estimated to be 20,000 kilogrammes (44,092 pounds) of food, mainly fruits, vegetables, yogurts, smoothies and other drinks.

According to reports, locals even came down to the lorry from their flats carrying their own shopping bags to fill them with stolen goods.

When the lorry driver returned, having changed out of his wet clothes at home, he found the mob and was reportedly threatened by some of the looters when he tried to stop the lorry being emptied.

He called the police, who came to the scene to guard what little was left in the trailer for a few hours before he was able to off drive again.

No arrests have been made.

The investigation is ongoing.

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