Two Dead After Madrid Gypsy Clans Huge Stag Night Brawl

A Gypsy engagement party ended in a huge brawl between rival clans and the death of a young couple who was allegedly run over by a car intentionally.

The victims’ bodies and a seriously-injured 18-year-old woman were found in the neighbourhood of Alamo in the Spanish capital Madrid.

According to national newspaper El Espanol, the engagement party was held at a bar called Layso and was attended by families of the Vallecas and Moratalaz clan and the Guadarramaand River clan.

During the celebrations, a fierce row reportedly broke out and around 50 guests piled onto the street at around 11.30pm.

More clan members from each side joined them outside until there were about 100 people.

The local authorities said: “The fight between the clans was already very violent, they launched everything within their reach when the driver of a vehicle allegedly ran over people involved in the brawl intentionally.”

A local resident told El Espanol: “From my house, I heard screams, gunshots and what seemed like a car crashing into things.”

According to national newspaper Telecinco, angry clan members surrounded the vehicle and shouted “kill them” while throwing objects at it.

Inside the car, the groom’s family had reportedly locked themselves in and waited for help to arrive.

The next morning, the bodies of a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman were found by the side of the road alongside a seriously injured 18-year-old woman who is currently in hospital.

El Espanol also reported that a little boy was run over during the brawl and dragged under the wheels of the car and is also being treated in hospital.

The names of those killed and wounded have not been confirmed and the exact circumstances surrounding when and how the three people were run over is still unclear.

Sources from the Armed Institute say they are investigating the case, although no arrests have been made so far.

The Civil Guard has intensified surveillance in the area, according to Telecinco, to try and locate the driver of the vehicle and also to secure the area whilst officers work with the heads of the respective clans to prevent possible revenge attacks.

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