Volanda Voy 6th Season

Spanish hospital group HM Hospitales collaborated in the recording of the sixth season of the spanish programme  ‘Volando voy’ this week.

The filming of the new season of ‘Volando voy’, a programme  presented by the adventurer Jesús Calleja, has the collaboration of the two centres that HM Hospitales have in León. The presence of professionals from HM San Francisco and HM Regla in the recordings responds to the need to preserve the health of the team and the residents of the places where the episodes of the sixth season are recorded.

Likewise, the members of the production company that participate in the filming undergo a series of medical tests and examinations related to the detection of possible cases of COVID-19 at HM San Francisco and HM Regla so that the necessary preventive measures can be taken in each case. The medical director of HM Hospitales in León, Dr. Jesús Saz, acknowledges that “we are delighted to collaborate with this project led by Zanskar Producciones, so that we were only presented with the option of contributing our experience to this initiative, which has as a goal to promote rural repopulation, we do not doubt it for the end of its program to promote rural areas in our country.”

The new season of  ‘Volando voy’ will focus on the need of many Spanish towns to attract new neighbours and maintain their population. The first location was Maraña, located in the Picos de Europa Regional Park and which is very special for Jesús Calleja, because his love for the mountains began in that area. Later, HM Hospitales accompanied the recording team to the Valles Pasiegos in Cantabria, the municipality of A Veiga in Orense and Fermoselle in the Arribes del Duero (Zamora). The next stops will be the Sierra de Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas (Jaén), the Alpujarra of Granada and different towns where the crafts of the province of Toledo are developed.

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