Waitress Finds Severed Thumb After Wife Loses It In Local Bar

A man has been reunited with his severed thumb tip by police after horrified waiters found it in a bar.

The thumb had been left behind at the Redondela Cafeteria, in Pontevedra, northern Spain, when it apparently fell out of the man’s wife’s pocket, according to local media.

A waitress clearing a table at the bar on 6th May at first thought the blackened digit, cut off in a work accident, was a shrivelled grape.

Bar owner Juan Figueirido told local media: “They thought it was a grape and in the end, it turns out it was a piece of finger.”

Picture shows the finger, undated. A man lost his finger in a work accident and his wife forgets it in a bar in Redondela, Spain. (Newsflash)

Staff called the police who took a fingerprint from the severed thumb and matched it through national records to its owner, who has not been named.

After being reunited with his missing thumb, it is understood that his wife, Isolina Ramos, went to the bar to apologise for the shock she had caused.

She explained that the man had cut off the tip of his thumb in a sawmill accident at work, and rushed to the hospital with her in the hope that it could be sewn back on.

However, the operation was unsuccessful, and the wife was given the digit back by the hospital to dispose of and had not decided what she wanted to do with it, saying: “I was jokingly thinking about putting in a frame or something; I always said my husband had such beautiful hands.”

But she had forgotten about it, and it fell out of her jacket pocket when she had met her husband at the cafe for breakfast, causing the panic in the bar.



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