Catalina´s Summer Recipe

Resident Madrid Metropolitan Chef of Chefs Catalina Brennan offers her Summer Special for our readers:

We are now in full swing of tuna season, oily fish is at its max and Im sailing, soo, Im bringing you the tuna + sailor &9;s traditional recipe from Spain: Marmitako. It's a tuna and potato stew, very typical from the north.

It makes sense, they have great Bonito del norte (also known as white tuna) in the Cantabric Sea and very nice cool temperatures which makes it easier to have a hot stew in the middle of July. Never mind, look for shade and some chilled wine, you can't miss this recipe, it's easy and delicious!

1 big onion
1 green pepper
1 big and ripe tomato
1 big garlic clove
Sweet paprika
White wine
Fish stock/broth
Pimiento choricero paste (sold in supermarkets)
4 big potatoes
600 grs fresh tuna (the best is Bonito del Norte, but it can be done with any tuna. As always, I recommend your local market fishmonger)

Chop the onion and green pepper and cook in olive oil until soft, aprox 15 mins. Add the garlic, chopped finely, then stir in a teaspoon of sweet paprika and quickly after the grated tomato and let cook for 5 mins medium heat.

Peel the potatos and chop by “cracking” (cascar la patata) which is not a thorough clean cut but in the end we break each piece so the starch from the potato will thicken our stew (cracking is optional!)
Mix well in the pot so it will get all the flavour from our stir fry, together with the white wine, for 5 mins.
Add the fish broth to cover the potatoes and let it cook low heat for 30/40 minutes. Every once in a while stir the pot.
Once the stew is consistent, very hot, not too liquid, not too thick, tasty and the potatos are cooked, add the tuna in 2cm pieces aprox, and let cook for 10 minutes with just the residual heat and the lid on. If we overcook the tuna it will be too dry…
Tip: for express fish broth for this dish, you can mix some Japanese dashi in boiling water. Dashi is smoked tuna concentrate.
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