An Audience With Alex Lebron


During the quarantine period, a wonderful moment of human connection through the magic of music sparked off when a pianist started to play on his balcony and suddenly a multi talented instrumentalist joined him by playing his sweet saxophone. It was, then, when the streets of Barcelona became a huge stage, with the spotlight on both artists’ balconies, so they could feel the warmth and the excitement of their new and unexpected audience who clapped loudly with the reverb of their music all around. Eventually the video went viral and really successful because of its authenticity. From then on, our second guest went through the ripple effect when his life transformed completely.

In this interview you will have the chance to meet the sax player Alex Lebron Torrent  born in Cali (Colombia) but with an international background that goes from Sweden to the United States and Spain. He is an interesting musician, actor and model with a life full of interesting facts that have shaped his music and who he is now. It is really worth discovering the fascinating adventures of his life in this fantastic journey throughout his life-

Enjoy the interview!

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