Ana Obregon Surrogate Furrore Continues As Socialite Wants Another

The Spanish socialite who became a mother at 68 using a surrogate and then revealed how the baby she calls her daughter was was actually fathered by her dead son has now said she wants to give the girl a brother or a sister.

Ana Obregon – who once claimed to have shared a bed with David Beckham – made headlines when she announced the birth of daughter Ana Sandra via a US surrogate back in March.

The actress then revealed that the father of the baby was in fact her son Alessandro, who died of cancer three years ago.

And now Ana is reportedly considering giving the child another brother or sister.

Speaking to ‘Hola’, she reportedly said that she is rethinking her decision not to have another child after flatly denying the possibility just weeks ago.

She also said: “If it weren’t for Anita [Ana Sandra], I wouldn’t be here. She has given me life, she has given it back to me. Fighting every day to have her with me has given meaning to my life in the last three years.”

Photo shows Ana Obregon and her son Alejandro who died from cancer and is reported to be the father of her daughter Ana Sandra. The actress has revealed she is thinking about giving Ana Sandra another brother or sister. (@ana_obregon_oficial/Newsflash)

This is despite the young girl’s 11 uncles now getting married and having children, with little Ana Sandra reportedly able to expect at least 20 cousins to grow up with.

Alessandro’s frozen sperm was used to impregnate the surrogate mother to produce the baby Ana now calls her daughter.

Ana said that the baby, born on 20th March this year, was her son’s dying wish, saying he wanted to “bring his son into the world”.

She had travelled to Miami for the birth and said: “Everything is legit. The girl was born in America and will have an American passport and dual citizenship.

“She is legally my daughter and that is how she appears in her passport. I will register her at the Spanish Consulate and then I can bring her home.”

She announced the birth on 29th March after being photographed leaving the Memorial Regional Hospital in Florida, with the baby in her arms.

In Spain, it is currently illegal to use surrogates, and images of Ana holding the baby caused a backlash in Spain.

Photo shows Ana Obregon, undated. She revealed that she had been a mother again by surrogacy in Hollywood, Florida, USA. (@ana_obregon_oficial/Newsflash)

But Ana has said that “this debate is absurd, because this assisted reproduction technique has been done for many years and is legal in many countries around the world.”

She added: “Many couples who cannot have children or homosexual couples or for whatever reasons use this technique.”

Ana told local media that the baby girl is definitely not the result of “a whim” but exists so that she can “fulfil the wish and the last will of my son.”

Spanish media say that Alessandro’s decision to have a child via surrogacy after his death was known only to his father, Ana and a handful of family members.

Ana added: “Since that moment, the only thing that has allowed me to continue living every day, every second, is to fulfil the mission of bringing Aless’s daughter into the world.”

Ana reportedly left her TV and acting career following the death of her son in 2020 and then her mother in 2021.

It is not the first time that Obregon is in the headlines.

She famously had an affair with Spain’s former King Juan Carlos’s nephew Alessandro Lecquio, 62, who is the father of her other son, Clemente.

In 2003, Obregon said she had shared a bed with David Beckham, 21 years younger than her, while he was at Real Madrid but friends branded the claim “ludicrous”.


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