Madrid´s Murder Rate Rose 20% In 2020

Figures released today show that the number of murders in the Madrid region recorded in 2020 rose to 39 from 32 in 2019.

The figures buck a three year downward trend although with an improved detection rate with only 7 of the 39 murders still under investigation by the police or civil guard.

In addition the number of women murdered by their partners fell to 3 compared to 7 in 2019.

The last case was of a 38 year old man who murdered his wife in front of their two children on New Year´s Eve 2019.

Of the 39 victims 26 were Spanish and 13 foreigners including three Chinese nationals, one of whom was a 23 year old student who was robbed and killed in Moncloa in January.
Also included in the figures were the still unresolved killing of two soon to be engaged teenage gypies in a dispute between their families that turned violent during the traditional matchmaking ceremony.

The vast majority were killed by hand with only two murders committed using firearms. Three people were killed after being intentionally hit by a vehicle including one pedestrian who was run over by a municipal bus after an argument with the bus driver.

The victims include an 84 year old woman who was pushed down a flight of stairs by an assailant and a five year boy who was poisoned by his mother.

One of the most bizarre, was the discovery in August of a 79 year old woman who had been beheaded and quartered. Her half buried body was found in a park. Her supposed killer, Emilio el Loko, confessed to the murder. Her head has yet to be recovered.

Also in August saw a brawl between two families that left three dead including the mother of one, her fourteen year old daughter and the 31 year old brother-in-law of the other.


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