Bienvenido Mr Zelenski – Spain Opens Its Arms To Arm Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in Spain to sign a major deal with the Spanish government for a military aid package worth over 1 billion Euros.

Zelensky was met this morning at Madrid’s Barajas airport by King Felipe VI before heading to meet the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez to sign the security agreement.

The visit comes as Ukraine battles a Russian ground offensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region which began on May 10 in Moscow’s biggest territorial since the invasion began in February 2022.

The deal “includes a commitment for one billion euros in military aid for 2024,” Sanchez told a joint news conference “It will allow Ukraine to boost its defence capabilities including its essential air defence systems to protect its civilians, cities and infrastructure which are still suffering indiscriminate attacks as seen this weekend in Kharkiv.”

With the Russian assault now in its third year, Ukraine has been pleading for more weapons for its outgunned and outnumbered troops, notably seeking help to address its lack of air defence systems.

Sanchez said the security agreement would cover a range of different issues. “The agreement is based on a comprehensive overview of security and covers various areas such as military, humanitarian and financial support, as well as collaboration between Spanish and Ukrainian defence industries, as well as help with reconstruction and de-mining among other things,” he said.

Zelensky was then expected at the Royal Palace for talks followed by “a lunch in his honour” hosted by King Felipe and Queen Letizia, according to a Spanish palace statement said.

According to El Pais newspaper, Monday’s deal would include 1.1 billion euros worth of military aid and include new Patriot missiles and Leopard tanks.

Zelensky has already signed bilateral security agreements with several countries including France, Germany and the UK.

So far, Madrid has only provided limited military aid to Kyiv including 10 Leopard tanks.

According to the Kiel Institute — which tracks weapons pledged and delivered to Ukraine since the Russian invasion — Spain has so far committed 330 million euros in military aid, making it a small contributor on a European level.

The Spanish package is small in comparison with other European countries with Germany leading the way with 18.61 billion, the UK with 9.22 billion and France with 5.65 billion in lethal aid.

Last week, Sanchez told parliament the two nations were also preparing to sign a bilateral cooperation agreement.

“As soon as the situation on the front allows, we will sign an agreement with Ukraine that will increase economic, social and institutional cooperation between our countries,” he said.



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