Blood Talks – Melio Health Case Study

Blood Talks –  Madrid Case Study.

We decided to do a case study of the director of the Madrid Metropolitan magazine who has never had a blood test in his life and what better way to test out Melio´s services.

How do you feel about having you first ever blood test?

Very Nervous – I am by nature rather squeamish – and the idea of blood being drawn is not one I take to much!

Which package did you go for and why?

I went for the full monty one  – “Perfil plus” which tested for 57 markers including Vitamin D and with a focus on cardio vascular risk analysis.

What were the other packages that interested you?

For my age and profile it seemed that the main issues that might be a factor would be lifestyle related ones that might show up – all those delicious cuts of Jamon Iberico & long chuleton lunches might be taking a toll!

What was you experience with the website? Did you find it easy to use and to order the package?

Easy as pie – straightforward process of choosing the test, checking for the closest drop in lab centre and that was that – no appointments – just go!

Was there someone to help in case of any questions at the purchasing stage of the process?

Yes easy chatbox guided me through and answered all my questions – in English too!

Was it easy to find a centre in or near your neighbourhood?

Yes their website is optimised to make the lab centres easy to find bringing up google maps – there are loads throughout Madrid

What was the reception of the staff at the chosen centre like?

Very efficient and friendly – hardly a wait and was in the cubicle with the nurse in a few minutes from arrival.

So how did it feel to have blood taken for the first time? I hardly felt a thing – in fact if I hadn’t had ben so tense I wouldn’t have is what the nurse told me – so next time I come with a bit more relaxed!

How long did it take for your results to come through and how were they delivered to you?

24 hours later and it was in the mail box – very fast!

Did you find that the results on paper were listed in a way that you could interpret them easily?

Yes they explained everything – so for example what the test markers corresponded to and why. Then giving you a range of easy to follow information as to what constitutes a good, bad and normal range of results. It was explained very clearly

Were there any issues to followup from your test? If so did you find the service efficient?

Thankfully I had a clean bill of health – a few markers came up as being things to watch out for but nothing that would require a visit to the doctor. If there had been it’s a simple precedure to see a doctor and bring your results in.

Would you hire Melio’s services again?

Very much so – this an excellent and easy to use blood test that gives peace of mind

Based on your experience, what advise would you give the public?

I think the experience that Melio allows you to replace a daunting trip to the doctor – which one would normally do once a problem had appeared or worse once a problem requires an immediate medical intervention – ie a heart attack / stroke or cancer diagnosis into a simple drop in check – you choose the health markers you want tested and they do the rest – anything comes up – you have the early warning time to take the action necessary – it might be lifestyle or dietary change or something more serious. This will improve and save lives.

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