British-Style Sandwiches Come To Spain

Spain´s increasing appetite for British-style sandwiches looks set to continue with the announcement that UK market leader Pret A Manger and Ibersol Group have reached an agreement to launch the Pret brand and products across Spain and Portugal.

Through the terms of the agreement, Ibersol Group will bring Pret’s freshly made food and organic coffee to customers in Spain and Portugal, which the retailer says marks another step in its expansion into new regions and countries.

Spanish eating habits have changed remarkably over the last decade especially so in big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

For office workers the traditional long lunch with colleagues has been giving way to a sandwich in the park or for the increasing number – at home – as employees and freelancers alike pop out or order online from popular Deli-type sandwich shops to fill those midday hunger pangs

The franchise agreement with Portuguese based Ibersol Group who operate over 600 restaurants across Portugal, Spain through such brands as Pans & Company, Ribs, Santamaría or FrescCo, as well as licenses for Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell.

The agreement comes as Pret steps up its global growth plans, as part of its aim to double the size of the business within five years and launch into five new markets by the end of 2023

“It’s been a long-term ambition for me to introduce Pret to customers across Spain and Portugal, and so I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ll soon be serving our freshly made food and 100 percent organic coffee here,” said Pano Christou, Chief Executive Officer at Pret A Manger.

“The team at Ibersol have huge experience and we’re really looking forward to working together to grow our business across the region.”

“We are confident that Pret will be very well received by Spanish and Portuguese customers, known for its emblematic British-style sandwiches and fresh coffee.”



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