Champion Boxer Takes Down Children´s Cinema Thug

This is the moment a loudmouth thug gets a lesson in manners when he’s decked by a six-time champion boxer after he assaulted a woman and injured a girl at a cinema watching a children’s movie.

The yob, not named in local media in Leon, Spain, took on super-bantamweight fighter Antonio Barrull during the run-in at a cinema screening of the new Garfield movie.

Barrull has six amateur championship belts to his name and has been declared Spain’s best pro fight newcomer after winning all four of his professional bouts, two by knockouts.

The boxer, reports local media, had been watching ‘The Garfield Movie’ when the thug began taunting and then assaulting a woman believed to be his own wife.

During the altercation, a girl who was watching the movie was also hit and injured.

Video footage shows peacemaker Burrell quietly asking for an apology and trying to calm fraying tempers.

As the footage runs on both men are seen out of their seats in front of the screen and, astonishingly, the yob squares up to the champ.

In a flurry of punches and one knee in the face that would never pass the Marquess of Queensbury’s rules, Barrull leaves his opponent flat out on the floor within seconds.

Then, as he’s led away, he apologises to the movie audience for disturbing the children’s movie.

But cinema-goers overwhelmingly backed his actions, reported local media.

One audience member said: “He was an abuser and had to be stopped”.

Barrull later said in a TV interview: “He hit his wife and a girl. He threatened me and although I don’t justify the violence, I feel like he forced me to do it.”

Female interviewer Patricia Pardo told him: “I think that in the end, they are going to say that we advocate violence in this program, and that is not the case.

“I want to tell you that, as a woman, if I find myself in a situation like this I would like you to be there to defend me.”

The Boxing Federation is studying whether to suspend the possibility of sanctioning him as established in the regulations, given that it was for a good cause.

The federal regulations stipulate that professionals who are involved in events like this may be subject to disciplinary proceedings, although numerous witnesses are willing to say that the attacked man had asked for it.

Online commentators like ‘Tenten’ said: “If it is professional, a good hook would have been enough.”

And user ‘Tulio Garcia’ said: “And the security of the premises was where…”

While the user ‘D B’ said: “If he is not sanctioned, any professional boxer can hit for a good cause.”


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