Clean Sweep For Partido Popular In Madrid Elections

The results of the Madrid regional and city elections which took place yesterday, Sunday 28th May, show that the conservative Partido Popular have won big in both.

Mirroring a national trend the Partido Popular won an absolute majority in the regional assembly with 71 seats and 47% of the vote while in the capital they also became the biggest party winning all 21 Madrid districts taking 44% of the vote and nearly doubling their number of seats to win a majority of 29 out of the 57 seat city council.

Their  previous coalition partners, Ciudadanos have disappeared from the electoral map losing all their 11 seats.

Far right party, Vox added one seat to make 5 with 9% of the vote in the capital.

On the left, the capital´s previous largest block, Más Madrid lost 7 seats to 12 and 19% of the vote, while the Socialist PSOE increased their support to 17% of the vote and 11 seats.

The far left Unidas Podemos-Izquierda Unida-Alianza Verde narrowly missed getting any seats with 4.9% – by a whisker shy of the 5% threshold for seat allocation.

In the regional assembly Más Madrid took 18.4% vote share and 27 seats ( up 3 ) while the PSOE under Juan Lobato, took 18.3% of the vote and 28 seats ( up 4).

Over 35 million people were eligible to vote in the regional and municipal elections were held in 12 of Spain´s 17 autonomous regions some 8,000 cities, towns and villages across the country and could be indicative of the General Election which is due by December 10th -if so Pedro Sanchez´s PSOE-Podermos Unidos coalition government could be in trouble.

The national results showed a swing to the right with the Partido Popular taking the regional parliaments of Valencia, Aragón and the Balearic islands from the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE).

The results are also a swing back to the two-party system dominated by the PSOE and PP after a decade of greater involvement for smaller parties such as the left-wing Podemos, the government’s junior partner, and centrist Ciudadanos.

Despite the poor weather, turnout was up by over 3% in the Madrid region and 1.5% nationally from the last regional elections in 2019.



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