El Gordo Christmas Lottery Winning Prize Number Is 86148

The winning number for El Gordo ( the fat one) prize in Spain’s world-famous lottery is 86148.

The draw which was announced at midday today, Wedndesday 22nd December, at the Royal Opera House in Madrid in the traditional manner of school children singing out the numbers drawn.

The winning series of 129 was sold from a Lottery outlet in Atocha Station in Madrid so it is probable that el suerte has travelled through much of the country.

The winning number is estimated to be worth some €688 million.

El Gordo is the oldest lottery in the world, dating back over 200 years and with traditions include the singing of the prize numbers by pupils from the San Ildefonso school ( founded in 1543 by Carlos V) as part of the eloborate proceedings which today is broadcast live to an eager public, gathering in bars and living rooms to be the first to celebrate – or not.

The children rotate in shifts as they pick out the prize ball numbers in a ceremony that last until mid afternoon.

Unlike many other lotteries, El Gordo is usually sold in decimos ( fractions of 10% of the ticket value of 200 EUR) which allows for hopeful winners the opportunity to buy multiple numbers.

Usually people group together to buy a participation in the same number meaning families, work colleagues and friends can share the excitement – and makes it a truly national event involving the vast majority of the Spanish population.

Each share in this year’s first prize ticket is €400,000 ( minus tax of 20%).

The second prize number is 72119, worth €125,000 for each winner.

The third prize number is 19517, worth  €50,000 for each winner.

The two fourth prize numbers are 42833 and 91179 worth €20,000 each.

There are also eight numbers ( 92052, 70316, 26711, 24198, 69457, 89053, 34345) in the fifth place with a value of €7500.


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