Police Sweet Sweep In Madrid’s Chinatown

The Spanish National Police have conducted a joint operation with Madrid’s Municipal force with raids on 45 Chinese owned establishments, centred in the southern Madrid district of Usera, leading to the discovery of almost half a million out-of-date products. The haul included 400,000 different types of unmarked sweets.

‘Operación Intruso’ was conducted between December 13 and 16 along with safe and health inspectors from the Ministry of Work and Labour.

A total of 22 people have been arrested, and eight others have been placed under investigation, for possible crimes against the environment, industrial property and  public health.

The 45 inspected establishments carried out various types of commercial activities, including the sale of beauty products, cosmetics * including nail varnishing , restaurants, entertainment venues, hostels and  massage parlours.

The Usera and Parla area are favourites for the Chinese business community.

There are an estimated 60,000 Chinese nationals living and working in Madrid.

Around 21,000 counterfeit dolls and toys have been confiscated.

In one beauty salon, officers confiscated some 1,500 illegal products (lidocaine, enalapril, and hyaluronic acid).

In another of the raided premises 135 fluorinated gases were used in waste treatment but are illegal to use without special permission due to the damage done to the environment.

This operation sought to verify the legally required quality of the products marketed, as well as the services provided, to guarantee consumer rights. It also had the purpose of verifying the working conditions of the workers in these establishments.

The investigation is continuing.



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